Thursday, 9 April 2015

Goaltycoon The Stadium

The Stadium as we all no is the place where the magic happens and where home games are played by your  team. The maximum capacity of the Stadium allowed at the moment is 100,000 seats, you do however only start with a capacity of 1000 seats. The number of paying supporters at your team’s home games is a very important factor and contributes massively to your Club’s finances.

Stadium capacity will be determined by how many seats are installed and the level of your stadium according to the upgrade as follows, it is worth pointing out first that you do not just upgrade your stadium and get level 2,3 etc. You have to purchase and install the seats yourself up to the limits, when that is reached then your stadium will be upgraded as follows:

  • upgrade 1 – 1 up to 20 000 places;
  • upgrade 2 – 20 000 up to 40 000 places;
  • upgrade 3 – 40 000 up to 60 000 places; 
  • upgrade 4 – 60 000 up to 80 000 places;
  • upgrade 5 – 80 000 up to 100 000 places.

Therefore adding more seating and upgrading your stadium as quickly as possible is paramount to earning as much as you can, remember as in real life most clubs rely heavily on there ticket sales.

You will need to get saving to start purchasing new seating, here are some rough guidelines of the prices you can expect to pay. Each unit you buy will give you 100 seats. Please remember you do not have to invest you can earn the money you need to upgrade and buy things with the in game currency.


Chairs (standard seating) 0.25 Euro's per unit

Armchairs (bit classier than standard chairs) 0.90 Euro's per unit

V.I.P (classy chairs for the wealthier supporter) 1.50 Euro's per unit


As discussed previously the number of tickets bought by supporters of both teams is determined by the popularity of your club and the popularity of your opposing club. See previous post (Popularity) regarding the breakdown of how many seats and type will be sold.

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