Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Ways To Make Money Using Web Extensions

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I wanted to share Qmee with everyone that likes to make a bit of extra cash, i know it has been around for a while now but i started using Qmee a couple of weeks ago, just to clarify i was not hammering it everyday to earn as much as i can but from now on i will be checking it everyday and spending a bit of time searching online.

If you spend a lot of time on the internet clicking on paid to click websites to earn $0.02 a day then this is a must have for you, it is well worth having to make more money online. Free to join and easy to setup.

Basically it is an extension you add to your web browser, it takes literally minutes to set up your account and install the extension required. The thing i like is the fact it is not some annoying program that pops up every 5 seconds and gets in your face, i sometimes even forget it is running until the side bar suddenly pops up telling me i have adverts to click to earn money.

So far i have not received an ad which value is less than 5p. The main thing you need to realize with Qmee is that you need to pay attention to adverts it points you at, you need to spend some time looking around those pages so the system recognizes that you have a genuine interest in the adverts.

To make sure you understand and i am not misleading anyone you do not always get adverts to click on that will make you money but you should receive at least 5p per day.

When you join you will not be able to invite people so please share this information with them and point them towards this website.

The pennies just keep coming in daily.


Swagbucks is another web extension style program that can make money for you, it is free to register for and install. There is so much you can do at swagbucks that it actually takes some getting used too.

The main part of the program is that you get paid for some searches you might do, however not every search counts and you have to use the Swagbucks search engine to qualify. Personally for me let it down a bit as it can get a bit annoying when you search google for something in a hurry and that pops up instead.

There is a ton of ways to make money on there website as well including all the usual type of thing completing surveys, doing tasks/offers and playing games.

The way you make money with swagbucks is based around a points system where you accumulate points for your actions and then spend in there online shop in which you can purchase various types of gift cards including but not limited to Paypal and Marks and Spencer.

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