Wednesday, 18 March 2015

How To Make Money Online

Welcome to my blog about how to make money online i have only just started out blogging and started to quickly work out you have to search everywhere for different things to make money so i have started and will continue to compile everything i come across on this one website. Enjoy!

Web extensions are programs that normally take a few minutes to install are free to register and make money for you, they normally work in the background collecting data.

Paid to click 
Paid to click are advertising websites that you can make money for clicking on adverts and sometimes various other tasks. However you can have a tough time finding ones that actually pay!

Affiliate marketing is when you advertise another companies product for them, in return you normally make money or some other kind of benefit. There are a wide variety of affiliate programs out there some of which i still haven't looked at.

Social Media is a selection of sites that you can join and get more of a following to gain more traffic and therefore make money. Social media sites vary from sharing videos and photos to sharing links and keeping your own followers up to date.

Make money

Online Gaming is a selection of games that you can make money from with out having to pay anything out. Check it out for more information, tips and advice. What you got to lose there free.

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